FAQ Updated for 2019, Budget for 2019 Posted
The FAQ for owners has been updated here. The budget for 2019 has been posted here.

DRAFT Minutes – BOD Meeting 4-02-19
The DRAFT minutes from the April 2nd Board Meetings has been posted.

Board of Directors Minutes from 3/14/19
The minutes from the March 14th Board Meetings has been posted.

Board Meeting Agenda
The agenda for the March 14th Board Meeting has been posted.

Update Rules & Regulations
The rules and regulations have been updated.

Minutes from Board Meeting
The minutes from the January 18th Board Meetings has been posted.

Board Members Elected for 2018

Officers and representatives elected to the Sandarac II board for 2019 are:

Sigrid Franz, President
Jerry Kohart, Vice President
Jim Machock, Treasurer
Terry Neal, Secretary
Brian Williams, At Large

Congratulations to all new board members and thank you for your service to the Association.

Assistance Animals Policy and Procedure Posted
A notice as well as policy and procedure regarding assistance animals have been posted.

Minutes from February 23, 2018 Board Meeting
The minutes from the February 23rd Board Meetings has been posted.

Minutes from February 6, 2018 Board Meeting
The minutes from the February 6th Board Meetings has been posted.

Board Members Elected for 2018

Officers and representatives elected to the Sandarac II board for 2018 are:

Sigrid Franz, President
Jerry Kohart, Vice President
Paul Budil, Secretary
Brian Williams, Treasurer
Jim Machock, At Large

Congratulations to all new board members and thank you for your service to the Association. Thanks also to retiring board members Brian King, Don Purtill, and Joanne Bleimeyer for their excellent work and long hours working on behalf of the Association.


Minutes from February 6, 2018 Board Meeting Sandra Caron named Property Manager for Association
The Sandarac II Association named Sandra Caron as Property Manager in December, 2017, succeeding Deborah Shelby, who had resigned. Sandra moved to Lehigh Acres from the east coast of Florida a year ago from the Pompano Beach area. Her main experience as a Property Manager has been on the Florida east coast with condominiums ranging from 129 units to 280 units. She also served on the Board of Directors in the Condominium Association in which she lived for many years. She has experience dealing with unit owners and vendors. Sandra is a licensed Community Association Manager in the State of Florida.

Sandra says that "she looks forward to managing Sandarac II and working with everyone to make this a well-run, exceptional community to live in.”

Minutes from 11/14/17 Board Meetings
The minutes from the November 14th Board Meetings has been posted.

2016 Audit Report
The 2016 Audit Report has been posted.

Minutes from 8/23/17 and 10/10/17 Board Meetings
The minutes from the August 23rd and October 10th Board Meetings have been posted.

Final Update on Hurricane Irma at Sandarac II
The final update on the aftermath of the hurrican has been posted, read it here.

Hurricane Update
An update on the aftermath of the hurrican has been posted, read it here.

Manager's Report
Sandarac II Manager's Report has been posted, read it here.

Carole Fraser Passes Away
Carole Fraser, who with her late husband Tom Fraser, were long-time owners of Unit 503-B, passed away on June 10. The Sandarac community extends our condolences to the Fraser family. Her obituary notice appears below:

New Manager Appointment
Hello, Sandarac II Owners:

My name is Deborah Shelby, and I would like to introduce myself as the new Association Manager of Sandarac II.

I am a licensed CAM with eight years of experience in successfully managing beach condo associations in the Florida panhandle. “Only” eight years because this is a second career for me later in life.

I left my previous job in Pensacola under very positive circumstances and good standing in order to move to Southwest Florida, where I was lucky enough to get this new position.

I am very happy to be working with Janet, the office manager, and Clarence in maintenance. I feel that we will work very well together as a good team.

My email address is I answer all emails same day if possible, or next business day if not.

I am grateful to the Board of Directors for giving me the opportunity to move to this area where I have wanted to live for many years.

This is a beautiful property that has been well-maintained, and I am proud and happy to be here. I look forward to serving the Association at Sandarac II for many years to come.

Deborah Shelby

Tom Fraser Passes Away
Read the notice here, and the obituary here.

James Murphy Leaving Sandarac on March 1
We regret to inform you that James Murphy, Property Manager, will no longer be working with us effective March 1, 2017. We are sad to see him leave but can only wish James the best of luck in his new career.

Board of Directors Elected for 2017

As announced at the annual meeting, elected to the Board of Directors for 2017 were returning board member Brian Williams and new board member Paul Budil. One opening remains on the 2017 Board of Directors, which can be filled by the board. Interested owners are asked to contact Manager James Murphy at the office so that he can advise the board of their interest and qualifications. James can be reached by email at

Returning board members serving the second year of their current term are Don Purtill, Sigrid Franz, and Brian King. Last year's board members, Toni Scolaro and Joanne Bleimeyer, chose not to seek reelection to the board. The owners are very thankful for their dedication and service to the owners for the past few years.

In an organizational meeting following the annual meeting, the Board of Directors elected the following officers for 2017:

Brian King, Pres.
Don Purtill, Vice Pres.
Tom Fraser, Secretary
Brian Williams, Treasurer
Paul Budil, Assistant Secretary

Amendment to Bylaws Approved by Owners
The Board of Directors announced at the annual meeting that a total of 49 owners approved the recommended amendment to Sandarac II Bylaws, establishing a reduction in the size of the board from seven directors to five directors, starting with the 2018 annual meeting. 47 owner votes are required to approve any change in Sandarac II Bylaws. The board is grateful to the owners for approving this change, which the board believes will make for a more efficient operation of the Board.

2015 Audited Financial Statements Posted on Website
The 2015 audited financial statement has been posted.

Minutes from November 18th Board Meeting
The minutes from the November 18th Board Meeting have been posted.

James Murphy Named Property Manager

As most of you know, I am going to retire and had targeted July 1 as my last day of work.

We brought in, Joan Colosimo, through an employment agency, on May 1 as a potential replacement for me. After 11 weeks, the boards and the hiring committee decided that she was not going to work out and we decided not to continue her employment beyond the trial period.

The hiring committee was fortunate to find a seasoned property manager, currently working on Fort Myers Beach, who approached us about the position. The hiring committee recommended him and both boards have voted in favor of hiring him as manager of their respective associations.

The new Property Manager for Sandarac and Sandarac II is James Murphy, formerly the Property Manager for Ocean Harbor, next to Publix. Ocean Harbor has 150 units in two towers. He has been the property manager there for the last 3+ years and was their maintenance supervisor for 2+ years before that. James is a licensed contractor in Lee County and did condo remodeling prior to joining Ocean Harbor. He lives in Estero and is married with two children. We think he will be a great addition to the property. He will start on a part time basis on August 8th and will become full time, one week later.

Both Associations were fortunate to have four individuals who volunteered their time serving as the Property Manager hiring committee. The volunteers were Angelo Riccobono, Dave Warrington, Sigrid Franz and Brian King. Together they spent hundreds of hours reading resumes, interviewing candidates, checking references, participating in conference calls, evaluating potential candidates and recommending the right person for the job. It took a large amount of their personal time and they deserve our thanks and recognition for accomplishing a very difficult task.

I will remain on the property through mid-September to help James get up to speed on the property.

Anthony Scolaro Passes Away
Anthony Scolaro, long time owner of Unit 903-B and beloved husband of board president, Toni Scolaro, passed away over the weekend. We offer our deepest condolences to Toni and her family.

Anthony was a valued member of the Sandarac community and active participant in bocce ball and weekly poker nights.

A link to Anthony's obituary can be found here.

Litigation Settlement Announced
The announcement can be read here.

Owner Clarice Kofoid Passes Away
You can read the notice here.

Notice regarding Fines for Violations of Rental, Construction Noise Rules
Read the notice here.

2015 Year-End Financial Statements (unaudited)
The unaudited 2015 Year-End Financial Statements have been posted.

Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes January 14, December 11
The minutes for the Board Meeting on January 14th, 2016 and December 11th, 2015 can be viewed here.

Annual Meeting Notice
The Annual Meeting notice has been posted. View it here.

Agenda for January 14th Board Meeting
The agenda for the Board Meeting on January 14th can be viewed here.

Agenda December 11 Board of Directors Meeting
The agenda for the Board Meeting on December 11th can be viewed here.

2014 Audit Report
The 2014 Audit Report have been released. View it here.

Agenda for November 19th Board Meeting
The agenda for the Board Meeting on November 13th can be viewed here.

Terry Gentry Passes Away
Terry Gentry, 78, long time Sandarac II owner of unit 207 B and former board member, passed away on Saturday, October 24. Terry put up a great fight against cancer.

Please extend our condolences to his wife, Carolyn, and family.

A link to his obituary from Holland, Michigan is attached.

Third Quarter 2015 Financial Statements
The third quarter financial statements have been released. View them here.

Update on Litigation
Updates on the ligitation have been posted.

Minutes from May 26th Board Meeting
The minutes from the May 26th Board Meeting have been posted.

Ron Peters, 101, Passes Away
Ron Peters, long time Sandarac 9th floor resident, has passed away. Ron was a great contributor to Sandarac board committees and a positive person who was beloved by all at Sandarac. His obituary notice is attached.

2013 Audited Financial Statements
The June 30th financial statements have been released. View them here.

Update on Elevators and Removal of Trees
Read the notice here.

Office Phone Number Changes
There have been changes to the office phone number. Read the notice here.

Manager's Update June, 2015
The June 2015 Manager's update has been posted.

Minutes from April 16th Board Meeting
The minutes from the April 16th Board Meeting have been posted.

Agenda for November 19th Board Meeting
The agenda for the Board Meeting on May 26th can be viewed here.

First Quarter 2015 Financial Statements
The First Quarter 2015 Financial Statements have been posted.

Agenda for April 16th Board Budget Meeting
The agenda for the April 16th Board Budget Meeting can be viewed here.

Sandarac Beach Party 2015

Click here for more photos.

Sandarac II St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Click here for more photos.

Annual Meeting Summary and Election Results
Agenda for December 3 Board Budget Meeting
The agenda for the December 3 Board Budget Meeting on December 3rd can be viewed here.

Minutes from September 24 Board Meeting
The minutes from the September 24th Board Meeting have been posted.

Agenda for November 19th Board Meeting
The agenda for the Board Meeting on November 19th can be viewed here.

Deborah Poff Passes Away
Long time Sandarac II owner and member of the Board of Directors, Deborah Poff, passed away on October 26 in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Deborah will be missed by all of her friends at the Sandarac.

A complete obituary notice can be found here.

Minutes from August 22nd Board Meeting
The minutes from the August 22nd Board Meeting have been posted.

Agenda for September 24th Board Meeting
The agenda for the Board Meeting on September 24th can be viewed here.

Minutes from August 8th Board Meeting
The minutes from the August 8th Board Meeting have been posted.

Agenda for August 22nd Board Meeting
The agenda for the Board Meeting on August 22nd can be viewed here.

Minutes from July 7 Board Meeting
The minutes from the July 7th Board Meeting have been posted.

Agenda for August 8 Board Meeting
The agenda for the Board Meeting on August 8th can be viewed here.

Board Decisions regarding Cable TV/Internet
The Board's decision regarding Cable TV/Internet can be read here.

Open JMC Webinar Meeting on Cable TV Suppliers, Monday, June 30, 7:30 PM
A notice about the JMC Webinar meeting Monday June 30th has been posted.

Manager's Update
The Manager's Update can be read here.

Board Minutes from March 26, January 17 Meetings
The minutes from the board of directors meetings from January 27th and March 26th have been posted. Read them in the password protected minutes archive.

Board President Announces Manager Change
Read the Board President's letter regarding the manager change here.

Manager's Update
The Manager's Update can be read here.

Original Sandarac II Construction Photo

Beach Party 2014 Photos

Click here for more photos.

Update on Herb Dechant
There is an update on Herb Dechant, it can be viewed here.

St. Patrick's Day photos

Click here for more photos.

Bocce Tournament photos

Click here for more photos.

2013 Audited Financial Statements
The 2013 audited financial statements have been released. View them here.

Board of Directors Election Results and Officers for 2014
The results for the Board of Directors election have been released. View them here.

Minutes of December 13 Board Meeting
Here are the minutes from the December 13th board meeting.

Update on Owner Lawsuit
An update on the lawsuit can be read here.

News from December 13 Board Meeting
There is news from the December 13th board meeting.

Year-End Financial Statements Released
The 2013 year end financial statements have been released.

Board Of Directors Minutes August 15, 2013
The August 15th Board of Directors meeting minutes have been posted.

November 30 Financial Statements
The November 30th Financial Statements have beenreleased.

December 13th Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
The agenda for the upcoming Board of Directors meeting on December 13th has been postd.

October 31 Financial Statements
The October 31st Financial Statements can be viewed here.

Update on Lawsuit Filed against Association
Here is an update on the lawsuit filed against the Asssociation.

Cabana Rates for 2013-2014
The cabana rates for 2013-2014 can be read here.

Letter From The Board President
Read the Board President's letter here.

Larry Phillips Passes Away
Read more information on Larry Phillips' passing here.

July 31 Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
The financial statement can be viewed here.

Minutes for June 28th Board Meeting
You can view the minutes here.

Agenda for August 15th Board Meeting
You can view the agenda here.

Updated Rules and Regulations for Sandarac II
The rules and regulations have been updated for the Sandarac II. You can view them at the owners page.

Minutes from April 24 Board Meeting
You can view the minutes here.

Agenda for May 28th Board Meeting
You can view the agenda here.

Notice To Owners Regarding Rental Rules
Notice On Rental Rules for Owners.

Beach Activities
Here are the upcoming beach events for the Sandarac II.

President's Letter
The president's letter, which can be read here.

Manager's Update
The manager's update for March, view it here.

Bocce Tournament March 8th
A Bocce tournament will be held March 8th, view the details here.

Superbowl Bowl Sunday
The Sandarac II will be having a Super Bowl party, view the details here.

Volunteers Needed for Social Committee
The Sandarac II Social Committee is starting work on an exciting, event filled social calendar for 2012 – 2013. The newly renovated Social Room will be available for these events! Volunteers are needed to work with other unit owners in planning and managing these events.

For more information, please contact Committee Chair Toni Scolaro at

Crawl Space Repair
Read the notice in regards to the crawl space repairs here.

Unit Owner Jerry Weigand Passes Away
It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of one of our dear friends and owner of unit 302 Jerry Weigand. Jerry passed away on September 14th in Sterling Heights, MI after a long illness. He leaves his beloved wife Joan, daughter Jennifer and son Michael. Jerry also leaves two grandchildren. A Memorial Mass will be planned later this year by his family in Fort Myers Beach.

Agenda for June 28 Board Meeting
You can view the agenda here.

Update from Manager Bill Elia
Update from Sandarac II Manager Bill Elia June 16, 2011

Work Completed:

Cleaned and Painted South Trash Room.

Converted 4 high power flood lights to 60 watt CFL’s. (we are in the process of converting our existing standard lights to the Energy Efficient CFL’s…….the spiral type.)

Made repairs to sprinkler system (this is a weekly task)

Resanded sidewalks and picnic area.

Retarred A/C boxes of roof.

Relocated 5 sprinkler heads for better coverage.

Labeled pipes in North crawl space.

Work In Progress:

Start mold remediation work in South Crawl space.

Preparing foundation vent openings in both North and South Crawl spaces.

Assemble 12 window well vent covers for foundation vents.

Obtaining 3 bids for crawl space spray foam, masonry work at foundation vents, ground floor tile/concrete work, and transitioning the existing sprinklers to “Soaker Type” system.

Working with engineer on crawl space air circulation equipment

Update from Manager Bill Elia
Update from Sandarac II Manager Bill Elia June 2, 2011

Work in Progress:

South Tower crawl space starts today.

Work Completed Recently:

North tower crawl space is completed with our work.

We extended several sprinklers into open areas that weren't getting enough of water.

2 palm trees were removed in the court yard area........they were dead.

Expansion joints were all stained to match the looks great!

Additional caulking and painting was done on areas in the court yard at the walkways.

Areas of Concern/ProActive Approach

Dryer vents; When I return from vacation, I'll be sending out a proposal from "Clear Choice Lint Comp." regarding the cleaning of "ALL" the dryer vents and duct work.

A bit of Billy's background: I was a Fire Inspector for several years in a busy area of NJ. I came across many fires that originated in a dryer because the duct work and vents were never cleared out or maintained properly.

After reviewing everyone’s outside vents and seeing the large amount of lint that comes out, and either falls to the tile floor and/or sticks to the textured walls, I know it is time that the owners have their ducts and vents cleared out. This is something of great importance to Sandarac.

Areas that the Managers Office is following up on:

I'm in the process of obtaining a bid for Steam Cleaning the Lobby in the North Tower.

Also, I'll be receiving several bids for changing the sprinklers in the court yards area from sprinkler to soakers.

Regarding building maintenance: We had a long talk and went over responsibilities and the Directive List. He knows what he must do. I'll be closely watching him when I return from vacation. He'll have 2 weeks from the day I return to bring his level of work to a higher level.

Minutes of May 12 and April 19 Board Meetings
The minutes of the Board of Directors meetings from April 19th and May 12th have been posted in the minutes archive

Board Meeting May 24, 2011
The agrenda for the Board meeting on May 24th can be viewed here.

Update from Manager Bill Elia
Manager Bill Elia’s Report on Work in Progress at the Sandarac II:

1. Roof tar: Locations where the wiring and piping goes into the building (at the roof) are being re-tarred due to the sun drying and making it crack. This type of work is performed several times a year and is always checked during roof inspection.

2. Common area light bulbs: Recently we’ve been experimenting with CFL light bulbs. These type of bulbs cost a little bit more, but use less electricity and last longer. We are going to transition over to these types as time goes by.

3. Sprinklers: The sprinkler system is constantly being updated, repaired and some parts replaced. We will be adding a few more heads at the North tower, North side. A meeting is scheduled to review the system that runs along the walkway and in the court yard. We are considering a change to soakers to eliminate the over spray, back spray, and winds blowing water onto the windows and building walls.

4. We are painting the green landscape lights in the court yard areas.

5. We are re-painting the “wooden” signs in the courtyard area.

6. The crawl space under the building is being repaired. So far we have foamed in the area where the top of the foundation walls meet the concrete slab. We repaired the foundation walls that had cracks, gaps and cement missing. We also applied the first of a two coat water proofing product on the foundation walls. We dug down along the footing per the engineer’s recommendations.

Changes in the Board of Directors
At its meeting on May 12, the Sandarac II Board of Directors elected Toni Scolaro as president and Don Purtill as vice president. The vacancy on the board stemming from the resignation of Don Ball was filled by the election of Sigrid Franz as a board member.

Sandarac Directory Updated
Sandarac directory updated and put in password protected section, replacing the former directory.

Click here to view the password protected section.

Assessment Approved by Board
At its meeting on March 25, the Board of Directors unanimously approved an assessment of $996 to be payable at a rate of $332 per quarter for the next three quarters, starting with the second quarter of 2011. The purpose of the assessment was to cover the cost overruns on the building restoration and walkway projects and to keep reserves at required levels, according to Florida law.

Changes in Board of Directors
On March 24, board members Herb Dechant, Larry Phillips, Jeff Schiemann, and Frank Caccamo resigned from their positions on the Board. At an emergency meeting of the board on March 25, owners Don Steele and Joanne Bleimeyer were elected to fill the vacancies on the board. Two board members remains to be elected at a future meeting. Continuing on the board are Don Ball, Don Purtill, and Toni Scolaro.

The Board filled vacancies in its officer positions by electing Toni Scolaro as Vice President, Joanne Bleimeyer as Secretary, and Don Steele as Treasurer.

Update from Manager Bill Elia
I thought that everyone would like to know what the Managers Office is up to these days.

Storm Drains: we cleaned and painted all 10 storm drains on the property.
Gutters: Car port gutters have been repaired/replaced….where damaged.
Sprinklers: several additional sprinkler heads and piping has been installed on the property.
Social Room: The social room key is now the same as the lobby key.
Water Fountain: The water fountain has been repaired, cleaned and repainted.
Elevator: Tile work in both buildings will be completed by Wed. March 23, 2011
Roof Drains: Roof drains have been replaced for ease of water flow.
Bulletin Boards: The BB’s are now being updated with information on a weekly basis.
Tile work: The tile work is being reviewed by the Engineer for corrective measures. Soon to be corrected.
Stairwells: Cleaning, repairs and painting will take place within the next 2 weeks.

Savings: All of the above has been performed in house, thus saving Sandarac II thousands of dollars.

Bocce Tournament Photos
Our first annual bocce tournament took place on March 12, 2011. Unfortunately we lost to a very good team from the Estero Cove Association. It was a beautiful sunny day and a good time was had by all. Our players did a great job considering they are a young team. Our trophy was presented to Estero Cove by one of our Board Members Larry Phillips who graciously congratulated them for winning. Our Board President Don Ball played in our first game. Don is getting quite good in throwing that bocce ball. All the team members appreciate that he has taken the time to practice and participate in the tournament. It’s nice to have a friendly relationship once again with our friends from the “A” building who also participated in the tournament. We all look forward to next season when we will return to our bocce court, all of our friends, and the winning trophy.

Sandarac Bocce Team 2011

Don Ball, Sandarac II President, throwing the bocce ball

Spectators cheering on Sandarac on

Estero Cove's winning team accepting the trophy from Larry Phillips

Contractors Group Entering Some Units for Repairs
Contractors Group has had a structural engineer inspect each unit they worked on to determine if further work is required.

The engineering report has been completed. Contractors Group is scheduled to begin alterations and adjustments on those few windows requiring modification.

At 0900 hours Friday, December 17, 2010, Contractors Group will begin corrective action. Failure to allow access will result in alterations or adjustments not being made.

The unit owner will assume responsibility for the cost of adjustments to their windows from that day forward.

Manager Search Committee Update
The Board of Directors has appointed Board members Don Ball and Don Purtill as a search committee to identify candidates for the Manager opening. Don Ball is chairman of the committee.

Advertisements have been placed on the web and in local newspapers. Some candidates have had preliminary interviews. Prospective candidates should e-mail applications to:

Budget Approved for 2011
At the owners meeting on December 3, the budget and dues for 2011 were approved by a vote of the owners. A full copy of the budget is posted on the Board of Directors page in the password protected section of this website.

New Board Members and Officers Elected
Larry Phillips was elected to a new term on the Board of Directors. Also elected to the board were Frank Caccamo and Toni Scolaro.

At a special meeting of the Board of Directors on December 3, Don Ball was elected as president, Herb Dechant as vice president, Larry Phillips as secretary, and Jeff Schiemann as treasurer. Congratulations to the new officers.

Proxies Needed for Annual Owners Meeting
The Sandarac II Annual Owners Meeting is this Friday, December 3 at 2 PM in the Social Room. A quorum of unit owner votes and/or proxies is required in order to approve the budget for 2011. The budget was sent to you by mail. An additional copy is posted on this website on the Board of Directors page under Financials. If you do not have the user ID and password, please e-mail:

In the event that you will not be present at the meeting, we need your proxy to move forward for 2011. The proxy form is attached to this notice. If you would print it out and vote in favor of the budget or opposed to the budget, sign it, and return it to us by e-mail or fax, the Board of Directors would appreciate it very much.

To return the form by e-mail, please sign and scan the document and e-mail it
To return the form by fax, please sign and fax the document to: 239-463-6090.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

The Sandarac II Board of Directors

You may download/view the Limited Proxy For Owners Meeting here.

Reservations Needed for Owners Dinner on December 2
From The Board Of Directors: Owners who wish to attend the Owners Dinner on Thursday, Dec, 2m 2010 at 5PM must notify the office by Monday, Nov. 29, 2010. We need a totaly count.

2011 Budget Proposal for Owner Approval
The Sandarac II Board Of Directors has recommended a budget for 2011 for approval by the owners at its annual meeting on December 3, 2010. The budget is posted on the Board of Directors page under the password-protected section “Agendas, Minutes, Directory, & Financials.”

Draft of New Sandarac II Directory Now Available
*Updated 10/23/10
A draft of the new, updated Sandarac II unit owner directory is available for review by owners on the website in the password protected section of the Board of Directors page entitled Agendas, Minutes, & Owner Directory. Unit owners wishing to make revisions to their listings in the directory need to contact the office no later than April 1, 2010.
View it here.

Tile Project Photos

Board Meeting Moved to June 2
Board Meeting To Review Assessments Moved to June 2, As Announced in Attached Letter.

The Board meeting, originally set for May 21, to review an assessment for painting and sealing the building has been changed to Wednesday, June 2 in the Social Room. A letter to unit owners announcing the change is attached. The agenda for the meeting will be posted on the website when available.

Stephenos Stephenson passes away
Stephenos Stephenson, longtime owner of unit 509, passed away on April 17. It was an honor and privilege for the Sandarac family to get to know Steve. He was a true gentleman and incredible artist. He will be truly missed by all at the Sandarac. The 59th wedding anniversary for Steve and his wife, Sylvia, would have been on May 12. Our condolences to Sylvia and his family.

Next Board Meeting Scheduled for Friday, April 30, 10AM
The next board meeting will be held Friday, April 30 at 10 AM in the Social Room. The meeting will focus on contractor bids for sealing the building. An agenda will be released before the meeting and posted on the website.
An agenda for the meeting is posted on the board of directors page.

Temporary Water Boil Notice and Parking Restrictions
Due to a problem with the water lines, beginning on Monday April 26, 2010 at 8:00 AM and continuing for the next 48 hours all drinking water must be boiled. This includes cooking water.

Underground construction will occur on Monday April 12 2010 at 7 AM. The following cars must be moved no later than noon on Sunday April 25th 2010: Unit 811 space #37/Unit 306 space #38/Unit 107 space 39/Unit 507 space # 40 Unit 108 space #48/Unit 406 space #49/ Unit 206 space #50/Unit 308 space #51 Unit 307 space #52

First-quarter, 2010 financials released
Financial results for the first quarter 2010 Sandarac II are posted in the password-protected Minutes & Agendas section of the board of directors page. If you do not have the password, please contact

Board Meeting Postponed to Friday, April 23
The Sandarac II Board of Directors meeting scheduled for April 14 has been postponed to Friday, April 23 at 10 AM in the Social Room. An updated agenda will be distributed before the meeting.

Next Board of Directors Meeting On April 14
Next board of directors meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 14 at 2 PM in Social Room.

Anthony Mascaro passes away
After a long battle with cancer, Anthony Mascaro, long time owner of unit 510, passed away on March 21. Our condolences to his wife Clara and family.

Minutes of March 12th Board Meeting Posted Online
The March 12 board meeting minutes describe the selection of the new contractor and financing for the walkways, installing a bocce ball court, releasing the 2009 financial statements, and dealing with new beachfront events planned by the Holiday Inn.
Read The Minutes Here

Next Board Meeting Scheduled for March 12 at 1:30 PM
The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on Friday, March 12 at 1:30 PM in the Social Room. Bids for the tile installation on floors two through nine and for repairs to the walkway rebar will be reviewed at the meeting. The directors will also consider ways to finance the cost of the rebar repairs.

Rebar Damage on Walkways Is Significant
In late February, all of the carpeting on the walkways on floors two through nine were loosened to allow for a preliminary inspection of the concrete under the carpet. 43 different areas were identified where rusted rebar was present, which was much worse than anticipated.

Decisions were made to roll all the carpet against the outer knee wall and have it open for inspection by restoration contractors as well as tile installation contractors. Bare floors will be available for inspection on March 3 and 4. 10 different restoration contractors and tile installers have been invited to bid separately on the tile installation and rebar repair projects.. Bill Luckfelt has also invited two structural engineers to inspect the walkways and provide their evaluation. Contractors and engineers are being asked to submit their bids by Monday, March 8, 2010.

Rebar repair costs are potentially significant and may require an assessment to unit owners. The new floor surface installation, including the tile, will be designed to prevent reoccurrence of rebar corrosion and provide a long-term, cost effective solution for the walkway surfaces.

February Board Meeting Rescheduled to February 24
The February Board of Directors meeting, originally scheduled for February 19, has been postponed to Wednesday, February 24 at 10 AM in the Social Room.

Mary Ellen Gotshall Passes Away
Mary Ellen Gotshall, 86 years young, long time resident of unit 901, passed away on February 15. Mary Allen hails from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Her indomitable spirit has been an inspiration to all at the Sandarac.

Mary Ellen was married to the late George H. Gotshall and leaves behind her daughter Ellen Daneluk and husband William, Susan Gotshall, wife of recently departed son Thomas Gotshall, four grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Mary Ellen was loved by one and all and will be missed by many of those whose lives she has touched. It will be impossible to find a person who could fill her tiny shoes and leave such an impact on so many of those she knew and loved. Mary Ellen was a world traveler, a long time member of the Goodwill Organization, and a great philanthropist. All of us are better human beings for having the privilege of knowing and loving Mary Ellen. A memorial service will be announced at a later date.

John Rohrer Passes Away
Longtime unit owner and former board president, John Rohrer, age 90, passed away last weekend after a brief illness. A remembrance service has been scheduled by his daughter in the social room, time to be announced. John will be greatly missed by all at the Sandarac.

John Daniel Rohrer, 90, of Fort Myers Beach, passed away Friday, January 22, 2010. He was born September 9, 1919 in Detroit, MI and moved to Fort Myers Beach from Grosse Pointe, MI in 1979. He was a veteran of the Army-Air Corps serving in World War II from 1942-45. He graduated in 1942 from the University of Michigan with a degree in music education. John retired in 1978 from Grosse Pointe Public Schools where he was the Principal of Ferry Elementary School. He was the first president of the Sandarac Condominium Association serving from 1980 until 1990. He served as president and sat on the board of directors for the Fort Myers Beach Library, and was a former president for the SW Florida Jazz Society for several years.

Left to cherish his memory are his daughters: Linda J. McMullen and partner, Glenn Curtis, of Belleville, MI; Suzanne C. Young and husband, Kevin, of Novi, MI; and Kathy J. Custer and husband, Lonnie, of Naples; his grandchildren: Lisa, Kevin, Paula, Eric, Kerri, Brian, James, Michael and Theresa; his great- grandchildren: Kayla, Taylor, Austin, Hunter, Brendan, Rachel and John Daniel. He was preceded in death by his parents Willard and Margaret (Bell) Rohrer and his beloved wife of 64 years, Theresa M. Rohrer, whom he married in 1940.
A memorial service will be held at 11:30 AM on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 in the Sandarac Social Room, 6660 Estero Blvd., Fort Myers Beach.
In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the Fort Myers Beach Library, 2755 Estero Blvd., Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931.
Funeral arrangements are under the direction of Fort Myers Memorial Gardens Funeral Home, 1589 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33907, 239-936-0555.

Luncheon to follow in Social Room

Rescheduled Board Meeting Set For Friday, January 29
The board of directors meeting for Sandarac II, originally scheduled for January 15, has been rescheduled for Friday, January 29 at 2 PM in the Social Room. President Herb Dechant will participate by teleconference or in person. All unit owners are invited to attend.